Mykonos For First Timers

You have decided to book your amazing vacation t Kouros Hotel & Suites and visit Mykonos for first time?

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind!


The average temperature during the summer is between 20 to 30 Celsius (68-86 Fahrenheit), mostly windy, as Mykonos is known to be the island of wind, so do not forget to pack a light jacket for the evening.


Drive carefully and wear helmets! Mykonos is a party destination and people enjoy themselves throughout the day and night. During the peak time of the season, the streets are not only narrow but there is lots of traffic, so you should always pay attention when driving.


Ask for directions! Mykonos Town seems like a labyrinth and while it is nice to get lost once or twice, you can avoid wasting time and walking down the same paths if you ask the locals for directions.


Make restaurant reservations in advance. Many of the popular restaurants situated in breathtaking and romantic areas, so you will want to enjoy the sunset and food at your leisure. After the sun goes down, travelers flock to these restaurants and there can be a wait ti get seated. Also, for many organized beaches, a majority of tourists visit the beaches around noon and the less desirable sunbeds can be the only available. Plan ahead and book a reservation in advance with our exclusive Concierge Team.


Learn some Greek! Although most of the locals speak English, win their appreciation by learning some Greek words and phrases, such us:

Thank you = Efharisto

Good morning = Kalimera

Good afternoon = Kalispera

Goodnight = Kalinihta

How are you> = Ti kanis ?

a journey.
to enjoy