Top Local Specialties

top localties

Mykonos has a large variety of food on offer. Among the international cuisine and gourmet restaurants available here, here are the top dishes made on the island that are definitely worth a bite. You may ask Kouros Hotel & Suites concierge service to advise where you may find this delicious tastes.

Kopanisti: the myconian cream cheese

The famous cheese of Mykonos is very special, spicy and really hot. Using raw milk goat mainly gelling natural pitia, drained and aged for many months. These months kneading, another cheese is added and fermentation begins again. This procedure is performed several times until you get the hot kopanisti with yellowish granular texture.

Tirovolia: soft cheese of Mykonos

Soft white cheese with a long history on the island, as used in most traditional pies. Resulting from the early stages of ‘kopanisti’ treatment, after draining. So, it is fresh but not spicy as kopanisti.

Xinotyro: sour cheese of Mykonos

It’s like the classic sour cheese of Greece but in Mykonos it rests for more time in the sun and gets tougher. It is fruity, fragrant, sour and ideal crumbled into red sauce and pasta.

Myconian sausages

The sausages are seasoned with spices, salt, oregano, and pepper, and are left out to dry. The sausages of Mykonos have a higher content of lean meat and less fat; this is the secret that makes them so delicious, placing them among the highest quality food products on the island.

Louza: piece of pork

The louza meat product of Mykonos is made from local pork. It includes the entire fillet from the back of the animal, plus a little fat surrounding it. This fillet stays 24 hours in the salt. Then the bit is immersed in boiling water for 10-20 minutes. Flavored with spices and pepper and leave it in the sun to dry and to be cooked. The result is a ruddy spicy sausage that irritate the palate and gives to mouth freshness. The secret to enjoy it is to divide it at very high slices as cigarette paper.

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Top 5 Art Galleries

top mykonos galeries

Mykonos is an island that has embraced artists like no other. Not only has it been one of the top holiday destinations for world famous artists but also has been a place of inspiration and work. At Kouros Hotel, we have incorporated art when we designed our rooms and the hotels itself. We believe art shows you life and for that matter we present you the top 5 galleries to visit in Mykonos.

1. Municipal Art Gallery ( )

It is found in the center of Mykonos and was the house of painter Maria Igglesi. It operates as an art gallery and a cultural center. Greek and international contemporary artists have showcased their work here. It often organizes events, seminars and workshops in collaboration with Mykonos School of Fine Arts.


2. Minima Gallery (

This gallery was established in 1990s and mainly exhibits paintings of Greek and foreign contemporary artists. However, there is also a small selection of unique sculptures. With a wide range of artworks everyone can find something appealing to them. It also features the Minima Lab which a space of alternative art.


3. Lifeline Art Studio ( )

Donna Skaropoulou made this gallery her own work space. It is a unique combination of gallery and studio. She showcases only her work which is diverse and valuable. Living in Mykonos her inspiration comes from the surroundings and the summer. However, the experience and her thirst for creation exhibits a variety of styles.


4. Mykonos Art Gallery ( )

The astonishing marble work here is what distinguishes this art gallery from the others. You will find authentic sculptures from marble, unique marble fireplaces, tables, marble columns, marble fountains, and marble door frames and marble mosaics. But also authentic Greek painting from talented Greek artists and sculptures from metal and glass.


5.Rarity Gallery ( )

Operating from 1995, this art gallery is the first to exhibit the work of internationally recognized artists. A gallery of diverse artworks aims to provide you with a wide range of artwork from paintings to mixed media and sculptures. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the best galleries that tries to make as many exhibitions per year as possible so you can experience as many artists as possible.


Your contact with the cultural Mykonos will leave you in awe, since there is so much to see from historical to contemporary art. Visit as many galleries as you can when you are in Mykonos. Get the feel of the artistic side of the island while you stay at Kouros Hotel as well.

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Mykonos Quick Facts

Do you intend to visit Mykonos this summer?  Here are more interesting facts about traditional Mykonos and its history:

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands and is home to over 10,000 residents.

Mykonos Town itself is also known as Chora (meaning the town in Greek). You will come across this name on signs, maps and brochures so it’s good to familiarise yourself with it first.

The town sits on the west coast of the island, nestled behind Old Port and about 10 minutes from the airport.

The island has two seasonal winds, earning it the nickname island of the winds. It’s important to note that this will affect your travel experience. When the winds are particularly heavy it can force outdoor restaurants and bars to close.

From the 16th century to the early 20th century, the windmills in Chora were used to mill flour and remain today in a refurbished state.

The church “Panaghia Paraportiani” owes its name to the small gate (paraporti) which used to connect it to the medieval castle right next door.

Mykonos has had its own ship wreck, since 1995. It is the Anna II freight ship which sunk off Lia beach and you can go diving to see it.

The island boasts over 800 churches and you can find 80 of them classified as historical museums at Mykonos town (Chora) alone.

The name “Cyclades”, where Mykonos belongs, was given to the 33 islands surrounding the sacred isle of Delos because of their cyclical formation.

Mykonos celebrates over 70 country fairs. 38 of them happen in the Summer, during the high season, from June till September.

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Traditional Mykonos

traditional mykonos

The island of Mykonos might be well known for its magical landscapes but its has also many other things to offer to all travelers. Worth visiting are the 3 museums of Mykonos that display the traditional Mykonian way of life.

Folklore museum of Mykonos

The Folklore museum of Mykonos in the Venetian Castle (also known as Kastro) and it was founded in 1958 a 18th century traditional building. It houses valuable Byzantine icons, embroidery, decorative prints, antique furniture, old musical instruments and other collections of folklore art. Visitors have also the opportunity to see a big collection of important photographs of the island and historical documents.  The museum organizes educational seminars and the it has free entrance


Agricultural Museum of Mykonos

The Agricultural Museum of Mykonos is located above Chora in Ano Myloi . It has a very interesting collection of old agricultural machinery and tools and includes also the large Boris windmill which dates from the 16th century and functions as well as it did when it was built. Visitors will have also to enjoy splendid views of the town and sunset.

Lena’s House Museum

Lena’s House Museum is located at Tria Pigadia in the town of Mykonos and it is an authentic middle-class Mykonian residence of the 19th century complete with furnishings. Named after the last owner of the house, Lena Skrivanou, it contains a spacious drawing room, two bedrooms and two courtyards and a dovecote. The rich antique furnishings, such as large frames containing splendid prints, the tapestries, the wood carvings, old mirrors, painted plates, etc. are quite popular amongst the visitors. It has free entrance.

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Mykonos For First Timers

You have decided to book your amazing vacation t Kouros Hotel & Suites and visit Mykonos for first time?

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind!


The average temperature during the summer is between 20 to 30 Celsius (68-86 Fahrenheit), mostly windy, as Mykonos is known to be the island of wind, so do not forget to pack a light jacket for the evening.


Drive carefully and wear helmets! Mykonos is a party destination and people enjoy themselves throughout the day and night. During the peak time of the season, the streets are not only narrow but there is lots of traffic, so you should always pay attention when driving.


Ask for directions! Mykonos Town seems like a labyrinth and while it is nice to get lost once or twice, you can avoid wasting time and walking down the same paths if you ask the locals for directions.


Make restaurant reservations in advance. Many of the popular restaurants situated in breathtaking and romantic areas, so you will want to enjoy the sunset and food at your leisure. After the sun goes down, travelers flock to these restaurants and there can be a wait ti get seated. Also, for many organized beaches, a majority of tourists visit the beaches around noon and the less desirable sunbeds can be the only available. Plan ahead and book a reservation in advance with our exclusive Concierge Team.


Learn some Greek! Although most of the locals speak English, win their appreciation by learning some Greek words and phrases, such us:

Thank you = Efharisto

Good morning = Kalimera

Good afternoon = Kalispera

Goodnight = Kalinihta

How are you> = Ti kanis ?

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5 Romantic Things To Do

Mykonos is well-known for its cosmopolitan and exciting nightlife. But this not the only face of the island. You and your partner may discover the romantic things that you can do in the Aegean Island.

Enjoy a cocktail or wine while gazing at the amazing sunset from Kouros Hotel & pool area.

Visit Little Venice and enjoy a drink with your beloved. It is a colorful and picturesque scenery that will unveil many romantic feelings.

Organize a daily yacht cruise. You have many options from a private catamaran cruise to a daily cruise to the ancient sacred island of Delos.

Visit the church of Panagia Paraportiani which was built between 15th century and 17th century to see the unusual construction of it. The view of the church is truly awesome.

Organize a scuba diving adventure with your beloved at one of the many professional diving center operating in the island.

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What To Pack

Mykonos is the perfect location for those who want to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece but also its magical nightlife in clubs and coctail bars.

This summer you are headed to Mykonos and you don’t know what to bring with you? We wondered the same things before packing!

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

This should be pretty obvious but it is always worth repeating. If you would rather be nursing a hangover than a sunburn, you will stick to this advice. Hats are also a necessity, especially if you plan on taking a boat trip.

Camera, Go-Pro, Selfie-Stick

Mykonos is beautiful. Clear blue waters, bays and beaches, white-washed houses, iconic windmills, more than 300 churches, stone-paved streets… It is definitely a great place for capturing all those memories.

Bring your toiletries to the beach

Yes! That’s right! you never know when the party mood will strike. If you find yourself feeling a bit grubby at 7pm, just as the beach party is starting, it is good to have brought some hand sanitizer, moisturizer, hair products and make-up to freshen up for the rest of the night.

Drivers Licence 

There is a notorious shortage of taxis on the island. If this is how you plan to get around, you will most likely find yourself waiting several hours when taxis are on demand. It is definitely advisable to rent a car or quad to get around on the island, easily.

Total White

If you like to rock with your outfits and make everyone stares at you, you should definitely put on your suitcase a white dress or white shirt and white shorts. Try to put some bohemian accessories and sandals and you will have the perfect outfit for the island!

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Mykonos beaches offer the opportunity to visitors to enjoy in the crystal-clear waters, windsurfing, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, various water games such as tube sofa rides, banana boat and horse riding, are all here to offer you the exciting feeling that only sports do. Many of the beaches feature water sports schools with experienced instructors, so it is a first-hand opportunity to start  or improve your favorite water sport. Here is a brief guide about the beaches that offer water sports opportunities

Ftelia: is considered a surfer’s paradise due to the strong north winds that almost always stroke the beach. It is located on the north part of the island, 9 km from Chora.

Psarou: the most cosmopolitan beach of the island, just 4 km from Chora. Located in a sheltered cove, it features one of the island’s beast diving centers while its clear waters are ideal for water sports like jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing.

Korfos: is only 2,5 km from Chora on the road to Ornos. It’s a paradise for kitesurf and windsurf lovers, because the bay forms a perfect corridor for the strong and stable north summer wind, also known as “meltemi”. The sandy beach and the shallow waters make the beach ideal for both pro riders and beginners.

Kalo Livadi: offers waterskiing and wakeboarding, along with pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis and tube rides. You may also practice your beach volley ball skills.

Paradise Beach: At Paradise Beach you can find all your favorite water sports like Water skiing, canoes, pedal boats, parasailing, jet ski, banana,  tubes and a scuba diving center.

Platys Gialos: offers a variety of water sports and water sports such as jetski, wakeboarding lessons, waterskiing lessons, barefoot water skiing, wakeskate and wakesurf, tube sofa rides, banana boat, canoes, snorkeling

Kalafatis: at the south-eastern part of the island, about 12 km from Chora. It has one of the most organized water sports center in Mykonos, offering water ski, scuba diving, kayak, windsurf, jet ski, wakeboard and sailing.

Elia: one of the largest beaches on the south side of the island, just 10 km from Chora.  Gay friendly and you can try parasailing, water ski and jet ski.


Contact our Exclusive Concierge Team to fully advise you to the best option for you at

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Mykonos Rounrtip Tour


If you were looking the best way to meet Mykonos most treasured beaches, stop for swimming and snorkeling at the unreachable Dragonisi island (accessible only by Discovery Yacht) and stop at Agrari beach for barbeque and waterports,  Glass Bottom yacht gives you the solution! Feel the water only a breath underneath your feet and explore the vivid life that lies beneath Discovery Yacht’s wide glass surface.

Live the ultimate yachting experience in Mykonos with beach to beach daily cruises from 12:00-17:00. Underwater beauty, viewed directly from the Yacht’s glass bottom,will excite you while the luxurious comforts will fulfill even the most demanding of your needs.

For more information and reservations please contact our concierge desk.

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