Top 5 Art Galleries

top mykonos galeries

Mykonos is an island that has embraced artists like no other. Not only has it been one of the top holiday destinations for world famous artists but also has been a place of inspiration and work. At Kouros Hotel, we have incorporated art when we designed our rooms and the hotels itself. We believe art shows you life and for that matter we present you the top 5 galleries to visit in Mykonos.

1. Municipal Art Gallery ( )

It is found in the center of Mykonos and was the house of painter Maria Igglesi. It operates as an art gallery and a cultural center. Greek and international contemporary artists have showcased their work here. It often organizes events, seminars and workshops in collaboration with Mykonos School of Fine Arts.


2. Minima Gallery (

This gallery was established in 1990s and mainly exhibits paintings of Greek and foreign contemporary artists. However, there is also a small selection of unique sculptures. With a wide range of artworks everyone can find something appealing to them. It also features the Minima Lab which a space of alternative art.


3. Lifeline Art Studio ( )

Donna Skaropoulou made this gallery her own work space. It is a unique combination of gallery and studio. She showcases only her work which is diverse and valuable. Living in Mykonos her inspiration comes from the surroundings and the summer. However, the experience and her thirst for creation exhibits a variety of styles.


4. Mykonos Art Gallery ( )

The astonishing marble work here is what distinguishes this art gallery from the others. You will find authentic sculptures from marble, unique marble fireplaces, tables, marble columns, marble fountains, and marble door frames and marble mosaics. But also authentic Greek painting from talented Greek artists and sculptures from metal and glass.


5.Rarity Gallery ( )

Operating from 1995, this art gallery is the first to exhibit the work of internationally recognized artists. A gallery of diverse artworks aims to provide you with a wide range of artwork from paintings to mixed media and sculptures. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the best galleries that tries to make as many exhibitions per year as possible so you can experience as many artists as possible.


Your contact with the cultural Mykonos will leave you in awe, since there is so much to see from historical to contemporary art. Visit as many galleries as you can when you are in Mykonos. Get the feel of the artistic side of the island while you stay at Kouros Hotel as well.

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