Top Local Specialties

top localties

Mykonos has a large variety of food on offer. Among the international cuisine and gourmet restaurants available here, here are the top dishes made on the island that are definitely worth a bite. You may ask Kouros Hotel & Suites concierge service to advise where you may find this delicious tastes.

Kopanisti: the myconian cream cheese

The famous cheese of Mykonos is very special, spicy and really hot. Using raw milk goat mainly gelling natural pitia, drained and aged for many months. These months kneading, another cheese is added and fermentation begins again. This procedure is performed several times until you get the hot kopanisti with yellowish granular texture.

Tirovolia: soft cheese of Mykonos

Soft white cheese with a long history on the island, as used in most traditional pies. Resulting from the early stages of ‘kopanisti’ treatment, after draining. So, it is fresh but not spicy as kopanisti.

Xinotyro: sour cheese of Mykonos

It’s like the classic sour cheese of Greece but in Mykonos it rests for more time in the sun and gets tougher. It is fruity, fragrant, sour and ideal crumbled into red sauce and pasta.

Myconian sausages

The sausages are seasoned with spices, salt, oregano, and pepper, and are left out to dry. The sausages of Mykonos have a higher content of lean meat and less fat; this is the secret that makes them so delicious, placing them among the highest quality food products on the island.

Louza: piece of pork

The louza meat product of Mykonos is made from local pork. It includes the entire fillet from the back of the animal, plus a little fat surrounding it. This fillet stays 24 hours in the salt. Then the bit is immersed in boiling water for 10-20 minutes. Flavored with spices and pepper and leave it in the sun to dry and to be cooked. The result is a ruddy spicy sausage that irritate the palate and gives to mouth freshness. The secret to enjoy it is to divide it at very high slices as cigarette paper.

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