Traditional Mykonos

traditional mykonos

The island of Mykonos might be well known for its magical landscapes but its has also many other things to offer to all travelers. Worth visiting are the 3 museums of Mykonos that display the traditional Mykonian way of life.

Folklore museum of Mykonos

The Folklore museum of Mykonos in the Venetian Castle (also known as Kastro) and it was founded in 1958 a 18th century traditional building. It houses valuable Byzantine icons, embroidery, decorative prints, antique furniture, old musical instruments and other collections of folklore art. Visitors have also the opportunity to see a big collection of important photographs of the island and historical documents.  The museum organizes educational seminars and the it has free entrance


Agricultural Museum of Mykonos

The Agricultural Museum of Mykonos is located above Chora in Ano Myloi . It has a very interesting collection of old agricultural machinery and tools and includes also the large Boris windmill which dates from the 16th century and functions as well as it did when it was built. Visitors will have also to enjoy splendid views of the town and sunset.

Lena’s House Museum

Lena’s House Museum is located at Tria Pigadia in the town of Mykonos and it is an authentic middle-class Mykonian residence of the 19th century complete with furnishings. Named after the last owner of the house, Lena Skrivanou, it contains a spacious drawing room, two bedrooms and two courtyards and a dovecote. The rich antique furnishings, such as large frames containing splendid prints, the tapestries, the wood carvings, old mirrors, painted plates, etc. are quite popular amongst the visitors. It has free entrance.

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